“The rights which are new in the world and in Turkey and which provide an existing technical probing solution or a way of showing solutions are called patents. This certificate is also called a patent document” Patent applications provide protection for up to 20 years from the date of application

What is invention ?

The invention is referred to as an intellectual product which is used in a technical field to solve a problem and has a technical characteristic.

The most important characteristic of the invention is that it has a technical feature. Elements that do not have a technical feature that just means an idea can not be considered invention. While the invention may sometimes be a device or apparatus that is being produced in a whole new environment, there may sometimes be improvement in a known product or method.

To patent an invention;

    • Being new (absolute innovation, innovation all over the world)
    • The technique exceeds the known situation  (if a technical situation is related to the invention which can not be obtained by a specialist in the matter)


  • Applicable to the industry (it can be applied and produced in a field of industry) It must meet the criteria.