The companies which are functioning in same sector of yours, can apply to Turkish Patent Institute for the trademarks which are similar to yours.

The experts of the Turkish Patent Institute interpret the possibility of mixing the trademarks from their point of view. When there is no confusion between the brands and when it is concluded that there is no similarity, the trademark applications  are published in Official brands’ bulletin and  It is decided to register these trademarks if the published trademarks are deemed to be announced to the public and no complaint is received.

Cancellation of registered similar brands is only possible with court decision. İnka Patent, will do the necessary objections before the long-term and costly litigation process. Thus, the time and financial losses of the organizations are prevented.

The Turkish Patent Institute does not have a duty to notify similar trademark applications to previously registered trademark owners. For this reason, to protect your mark, it is necessary to carry out the similarity search in a professional way from the brand bulletins published every month by the brands which are open to the public.

Through the trademark tracking program which was specially developed by Inka Patent allows the tracking of the trademarks in Official Trademark Bulletin which is published monthly by Turkish Patent Institute and each month this bulletin has 7000 trademarks registration application averagely.