Patent Tracking

We ,Inka patent will provide publishing tracking service, with this service you can follow the technology and the products that are accepted in the world and not to be back from the market, to be informed about the innovations made in your competitors or your sector, national, and internationally applied patents are published in the bulletins, the company, sector or subject-based on the basis of the identified files are shared with our customers.


International Protection of the Patents



PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty); A treaty is a treaty that Member States have made in order to make it easier and more economical if it is desired to protect the invention  in more than one country. The patent application date under this agreement may apply to 144 member states as a result of if further steps are taken. After the application has been published by WIPO, the applicant will have the right to apply to each of the member countries within 30 months from the date of initial application (if any priority). (PCT national phase).

Thus, the applicant will save a great deal of money economically, since he will not have to prepare a research report in each country separately or even prepare a review report.   For example, a person or company that will apply in 20 countries will have a research report valid for all countries, with a cost of 2500-3700 euros for PCT application and research fee, so that about 25,000 euros will not be spent on research.

Here is an important point; Having a PCT application does not mean that a patent right has been obtained in every country, which means that the right to apply to these countries is earned. That is, applications must be filed separately for each country (or union, eg EPO) requested within 30 months after the PCT application (if available).